10 Inexpensive Date Ideas

Having started dating while in college, and both recently graduating; my husband and I know the struggle of wanting to have a great time on a budget. Here are some date nights that we think are super fun. I hope you’ll try some!

  1. Movie Night In- While Netflix is great for this, Redbox is my go to, especially for newer movies. My biggest tip is to sign up for their emails! Pretty much every weekend I get a coupon code from Redbox for $1.50 off the first night. That makes it only 27 cents! Add some popcorn and a blanket and you’ve got yourself a great date night! Just remember to turn that DVD in on time.
  2. Go for a walk – This may seem simple but going on walks is great bonding time. There is nothing to distract you from giving each other your full attention (Except maybe the occasional dog).  Amp it up a little bit by going on a hike.
  3. Have a Picnic – Either the park or the beach is a great location for this! I’ve always said my ideal first date is a picnic at the park. If you’re at the beach, go at sunset for a more romantic evening.
  4. Game Night – This one might be more fun if you have another couple or two join you, but there are plenty of games that only require two players. Grab some chips and dip and just have fun!
  5. Create a scavenger Hunt – You’ll have fun planning it, and your significant other will have fun participating. This could be in your home or even places where significant moments occurred, such as your first date and first kiss.
  6. Host a Cook-off – Once again this would be more fun with another couple. You and your significant other can play against each other while the other judges, or one member from each couple can play against each other. There are many variances of cooking shows, but Cutthroat Kitchen will probably be the most entertaining.
  7. Find a Free Event or Concert – Most likely your city has them. Go and have a great time!
  8. Go for Ice Cream – Inexpensive and delicious!
  9. Take a Dance Class- Many places offer the first 1-2 for free or a reduced price. We have yet to do this one yet but it’s high on my bucket list!
  10. Go to a Bookstore or Library – Wander as much as you like and then pick a book you can read together. Or visit the travel section and plan your dream vacations.

What are some of your favorite date ideas? Let me know in the comments!


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    Found this on bing and I’m happy I did. Well written article.

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