13 Travel Essentials

With it being the first day of summer, vacation time for many is in full swing. If you are a beginner (or even a pro) traveler, these are things I always recommend you bring.

  1. Small Purse or Backpack – I always pack a smaller purse in my suitcase that I use when I am actually at the location I am travelling to. Ideally these should should be  harder for pickpockets to have access to. I used to prefer shoulder strap because I could always be watching it, but lately I’ve been preferring small backpacks because they are lighter on the shoulders. The less conspicuous, the better. Please do not bring your Prada purses on vacation with you, because that just makes you all the more easier to be targeted.

2. Umbrella/Poncho/Rain Jacket – Unless you’re travelling to the desert (and sometimes even then!) always bring a rain protector of some kind. The weather forecast is never 100% reliable, and it’s good to be prepared for any situation.

3. Passport/ID – This is for obvious reasons. But I would advise to leave these in a safe place, because if your stuff ends up getting stolen, having your ID stolen as well will make getting home so much more difficult.

4. Small Hairbrush – A smaller brush will take less space and make your load that much easier to carry. I prefer Tangle Teezers.

5. Lotion – A small travel sized lotion is all that you need, if you’re staying for an extremely long time, then buying one there is probably going to be easier. I always travel with just one purse/backpack and one carry-on suitcase, so packing anything larger than a travel size is impossible for me anyway. It’s also nice to have this on the plane, since the air can be very dry.

6. Makeup Removing Wipes/Baby Wipes – Even if you don’t wear make-up, these really help to freshen the face on a flight or in the middle of a super hot day. The ones I like are these exfoliating wipes from Olay which smell simply amazing.

7. Book – Whether it be a long car ride or a flight, I always make sure I have a good book. If those are too bulky for you(or don’t take enough time), then bring multiple in the form of an iPad or Kindle.

8. Lip Balm – Try and bring a neutral or clear colored one that’s long lasting. I find that during longer flights I tend to apply multiple times because my lips get so dry.

9. Headphones and Portable Charger – You never know how fast your phone can die until you’re in the middle of nowhere.

10. Journal and Pen – I promise you, even if you think you’ll remember everything, you won’t. Writing these memories down will not only benefit you, but also your future children, grandchildren, etc. Of course, you can also write using your computer.

11. Swimsuit – Even if you’re going skiing in the Alps, always bring a swimsuit. The hotel you’re staying at could have a super nice Jacuzzi! And I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds like the best possible way to end the day.

12. Sunglasses – As with the umbrella, it’s always to be prepared for rain or shine!

13. BB Cream/Facial Sunscreen – It’s already stressed that we should be wearing sunscreen everyday on our face, but it’s especially important when we’re on vacation in the hot summer!


Safe Travels!

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