5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is the favorite season for many. School is out, vacations are taken, and it’s overall just a relaxing time. However, it’s also very hot. Some states are currently reaching temperatures of over 110 degrees Fahrenheit, which is crazy to me. With that being said, here are some ways you can keep cool during the summer months. Or any month in Florida.


Sponge Docks- Tarpon Springs

  1. Stay Hydrated – This is by far the most important thing you can do over the summer. Water of course is best, but there are other fun drinks you can make  to keep cool, such as this one which is perfect for the 4th of July!


How to Make:

  • Ingredients: Ice, Glass Cup/Jar, Cran-Apple Juice, Blue Raspberry Gatorade, Pina Colada mixer
  • First, pour the cran-apple juice until the glass is 1/3 full. Then, completely fill the cup with ice. Next, pour the pina colada slowly directly over the ice, it should go to the bottom and the two drinks should separate. Repeat this step with the gatorade, letting it fill to the top of the jar. Enjoy!

Ice & Cream Creamery – Clearwater

2. Take Breaks – Especially if you are doing something high energy such as visiting theme parks, do not have a go go go mentality or you’re going to get worn out, or even overheated (This has happened to me before). Go inside the air conditioning for a meal or snack; or, if your close enough, go home and take an afternoon nap to recharge.


Blizzard Beach – Walt Disney World

3. Stay Cool – If you can, visit the pool or the beach so you’re not just sweating or inside the entire day. If you don’t have these near you, go to the store and buy some water guns/balloons and have a water fight.


Sosua – Dominican Republic

4. Keep Covered – Always ALWAYS wear sunscreen, especially on your face. You can wear tons of makeup, you can wear none, but your face needs to be protected. Also, wearing a hat is great way to keep your face/shoulders covered and keeps you cooler. My scalp tends to burn easily so it helps that way too.


Hat is from Forever 21, they have lots of cute and inexpensive ones!

5. Dress Comfortably- Summer is not the time to be wearing jeans. I personally prefer skirts and dresses, but anything loose fitting and lighter in color (not black)is best. It’s also recommended to wear cotton, as cotton “breathes”.


What are tips and tricks you use to stay cool during the summer? Let me know below!


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