Get to Know Me

Hello lovely readers! I had a completely different post planned for this week, but then I realized I’ve been posting for almost 4 months and never formerly introduced myself! So here is a little Q&A for you (Confession: I actually love doing these).

  1. Name: Madeline, I was named after this little french girl.

The smallest one was Madeline

2. Favorite Color: Pink! When I was little, Aurora was my favorite princess because her dress was (sometimes) pink. I also love mint.

3.  Favorite Fashion Item: Definitely dresses

4. Meaning Behind the Name MadMea: So the name MadMea (pronounced mad-mia) actually came to be back in middle school when I was creating my first ever email account. Surprisingly, it has stuck all these years. Mad (meaning crazy) and M E A are my (former) initials.

5. Shortest Length I’ve Cut My Hair: This was about a year ago, I’m currently trying to grow it back out.


Also just want to clarify: This is NOT the cut I asked for

6. Where I’m From: I was born and grew up in Orlando, FL just 5 minutes from Disney World, and still miss it. However, I have lived in Tampa for the past 4-ish years and have grown to love this city.

7. Relationship Status: Currently married to my best friend.


Married since December 2015

8. Favorite Animal: Quokkas! They are the cutest things ever and literally the happiest animals on earth! I will see them in person one day…


They’re native to Australia

9. Favorite Movie: Hello Dolly!

10. Description of my fashion sense: This is hard, because I would say classic, but the truth is my style depends on what I feel like wearing that day. It is however, definitely feminine and I absolutely adore 50’s clothing.

11.Favorite Disney Princess: Rapunzel

12.Countries Visited: Canada, Mexico, Japan, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, St. Thomas, England, Ireland, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Andorra, Vatican City (if we’re being technical)


Cliffs of Moher – Ireland 

13. Places I want to travel: Everywhere! But lately I’ve been dreaming of Thailand, Iceland, and Disneyland, CA (Well, all of the Disney parks but Disneyland is the most realistic to travel to right now).


Feel free to answer some of these questions below! I would love to know places you’re currently dreaming of traveling to!

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