Adventures in Atlanta

This past Wednesday through Friday we were able to visit Atlanta, GA and it was SO COLD. When we arrived it was 16 degrees and there was ice and snow everywhere, including the roads because Georgia was not prepared nor expecting the weather. We had never driven in ice/snow before so it was quite the experience.

This somewhat put a damper on our plans because originally we wanted to visit the Georgia Aquarium Wednesday, but it was closed. However, we still made the most of it and enjoyed spending time with friends and family. Wednesday night we ate delicious BBQ from Jim and Nick’s, which is actually a chain but we had never tried it before.

Thursday we attended a beautiful wedding of one of my husband’s best friends, which was our initial reason for visiting Atlanta. I wore a maxi dress with leggings underneath and still felt frozen because this Florida girl could not handle the weather.

On Friday my husband had a medical school interview and after we promptly drove back home to Florida hoping to beat the dreaded Atlanta traffic. We had thankfully avoided it on the way up due the snow, but despite leaving at 2:30 to get back, it still took us 2 hours to finally leave the Atlanta area.

Overall it was a short, but fun little trip. Hopefully we will get to visit again soon and accomplish our initial plans.

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