Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains is a stunning piece of artwork in the middle of the desert. It was created by the artist Ugo Rondinone and cost $3.5 million to make! (Hope it was worth it?) However, it is free to park at and visit! It is located just 20 minutes outside of Downtown Las Vegas and I would highly recommend paying a visit if you’re in the area anytime soon!

The bright neon colors are such a welcoming contrast against the colors of the desert (even the houses in Las Vegas are all brown/neutral colors, not sure why) and they definitely stand out. When we went it was surprisingly really cold and windy, which we were not expecting after sitting for four hours in a warm car with the sun blazing down on us. Nevertheless, we thought it was super cool and worth checking out!

Seven Magic Mountains is a temporary art display and will only be around until May 2018, so visit soon if you can!


  1. March 14, 2018 / 11:24 am

    I def want to go check them out, they look super cool! I did see someone take a pic of one that looked similar too in Miami.

    • Madeline
      March 14, 2018 / 4:20 pm

      Yes I saw that too! I tried googling about it but nothing came up, so I guess we’ll have to see!

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