Disney Style at Disneyland

There’s style, and then there’s Disney Style, which truly is a whole different ball-game. Dress up Dapper? Disneybound? Be #DisneyBasic and wear the infamous Spirit Jersey? Go for a classic Mickey Tee? Frankly the options are endless.

However, when I looked up the weather for when we would be at Disneyland, I realized the options were not so endless. With temperatures scheduled to be in the 50s-60s and the potential for rain on the last day, I pretty much threw all of my Disneybounding ideas out the window. After all, you can only fit so many jackets in a carry-on suitcase, and dresses were not really an option since I knew I would be too cold.

So, what did I wear? Honestly, I wore the same jacket every day. But it was cute, so I think its okay. With that being said, let’s dive right in to my everyday essentials.

The Jacket

When I first discovered this jacket from Uniqlo, I knew it was meant to be. My husband and I have a bucket-list goal of traveling to all the Disney parks in the world, and this was perfect for checking off that dream! It’s also very comfy and warm, and great for layering.

Confession: I actually bought the kid’s version of this jacket seeing as its the only one that comes in pink. I typically wear an XS and bought the second largest size (Age 11-12) and it fits me perfectly. The site has all measurements listed so I would suggest looking at them before making a purchase. You can find mine here and the women’s version here .

The Backpack

I take this backpack with me every time I go to Disney. It’s small but still fits everything I need, including my phone, charger, camera, wallet, a light sweater, water bottle, etc. I bought mine at Walt Disney World but was not able to find it online, although I did find two similar ones which are here and here.

Other Everyday Essentials

You can’t see it in most pictures, but I wore a light sweater everyday underneath my jacket as an extra layer. As for footwear,  Converse are my go to shoes for Disney and travel in general, so I wore those twice and also wore this pair of combat boots.

Now, lets move on to each day individually, shall we?

Day 1

Shirt: Box Lunch Gifts 

Bow: Shop Disney

This outfit was my favorite of the three, and I had originally planned it for our last day at Disneyland, but I decided to switch when I discovered the weather was supposed to be at its coldest that day and also rain. It’s actually my idea of my perfect outfit. 50’s style skirt? Check. Peter Pan collar? Check. Pastel colors? Check.

Fun little fact: This bow is the actually the first pair of Minnie “ears” that I looked at and thought “I like those! They are super cute!” I am so glad I brought them because they matched the aesthetic of Disneyland perfectly. Nonetheless, my favorite part of this outfit are the details on the shirt. As you may have noticed, Marie from The Aristocrats is on the collar! There are also piano notes going down the middle from whey they play the piano in the movie. I received this as a Christmas present from a friend and it’s just so perfect! It really does fit me to a T.

Day 2

Ears: Once Upon a Pixie Co. 

My ears are not the Disney official ones. In truth, I like mine more because the bow is also sequined. I have also met the owner of this shop and she is super sweet! The ears are of very good quality and I love my pair! One of our friends made my shirt and my husband has the matching one which you can see here. You may be able to find the same or similar ones on Etsy!

Day 3

Shirt: Shop Disney Parks

On my last day I wore a shirt I bought at Disneyland. While I normally would never pay this much for a t-shirt, the only other souvenir we bought while there was an ornament so we figured it was okay. I loved the fun little details on this shirt like the stripes on the back and the fact that it featured both parks. I also wore my trusty rose gold ears again!

As you can see, I decided to stay warm and comfy while at Disneyland because this Florida girl gets cold really easily. Hopefully next time we go (however many years from now that is) it will be warmer and all my Disneybounding dreams will become reality. After all, Disneyland is The Place Where Dreams Come True, right? OK, I’ll stop now.

Which outfit was your favorite? How do you rock Disney Style at the parks?


  1. Helen Alexander
    April 11, 2018 / 8:51 am

    I like you fifty skirt one the best.

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