Cars Land

Because we loved Cars Land so much we felt it deserved its own post, and I didn’t even like the movie Cars when it first came out. No details were left behind when they created this land, and the theming alone makes it so incredible. Walking down Radiator Springs and then entering the Cadillac Range Mountains while cars race by was something else. It didn’t even feel like we were in a theme park (apart from the talking cars) and the food and rides just added to the ambiance. Everything we tried in Cars Land was delicious and the three rides were so much fun!

However, the thing that makes this land so perfect happens everyday at sunset. It’s called the nightly Sh-Boom and is not announced or written anywhere on the Disney website or showtimes. You just have to be ‘in the know’. We were lucky enough to witness it twice and it really is magical. I don’t want to spoil it for any first timers but if you really want to find out there are other detailed articles about it as well as YouTube videos.

My advice for those visiting Cars Land is to arrive first thing in the morning and enjoy breakfast from Flo’s V8 Cafe outside while watching the cars from Radiator Springs Racers zoom by, and then to return again at sunset for the Sh-Boom. We were lucky enough to ride all the rides in the morning and again at night, and I would recommend doing so if you can.

Have you ever experienced a ‘magical moment’ at Disney?

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