We’re All Mad Here

While shopping at the infamous Shibuya 109  in Tokyo, I fell in love with a store called Secret Honey. Not only was all the clothing exactly my style, but they also had a Disney collection! I wanted everything, but since the store is a little pricey; I picked out this one dress to take home with me.

The dress reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, so we decided to have a little photo shoot at the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall in Tokyo Disneyland. This amazing quick service eatery  is one of the best themed Disney restaurants I’ve seen, and the food was delicious as well! Alice in Wonderland is very popular in Japan, with many people dressing up as various characters from the film in the parks.

Unfortunately Secret Honey does not ship to the United States, but I found this store which sells their product and does ship to the US. Also, all the clothing only comes in one size. In fact, all the clothing in Shibuya 109 only came in one size! So I got pretty lucky while shopping.

What’s your favorite Disney restaurant?

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