Tokyo Disney Highlights

We stayed a whopping 4 days at Tokyo Disney Resort, so our highlights list is pretty extensive. The crazy part is that we didn’t even do everything! There is so much to see and do at both Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. My advice for those considering a visit to Tokyo Disney while in Japan is that if you can only do one park, make it DisneySea. The level of detail is astounding and there is no other theme park like it in the world (I am not the only one that says this).  At the end of this post I answered some of your questions from Instagram regarding Tokyo Disney!

Rode: Our Favorites

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • Venetian Gondolas
  • Monsters Inc. Ride and Go Seek
  • Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes
  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull
  • Small World
  • DisneySea Electric Railway
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters
  • Space Mountain
  • The Enchanted Tiki Room
  • Jungle Cruise
  • Aquatopia

Watched: Parades and Shows

  • Big Band Beat
  • Dreamlights
  • Dreaming Up!
  • One Man’s Dream II (seriously how did I not pick up on the Dream theme when we were there)
  • Out of Shadowland
  • King Triton’s Concert
  • The Magic Lamp Theater
  • Fantasmic!
  • A Happiest Celebration
  • Fashionable Easter (Rainy Day Version)


  • Magellan’s
  • Teddy Roosevelt Lounge
  • Ristorante de Canaletto
  • Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall
  • Pan Galactic Pizza Port
  • Tomorrowland Terrace (the only place we didn’t like)
  • New York Deli
  • Agrabah Cafe
  • Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina
  • Mama Biscotti’s
  • Rackety’s Raccoon Saloon
  • Nautilus Galley
  • Sweetheart Cafe


  • Park: DisneySea
  • Land: Mysterious Island
  • Ride: Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • Park Specific Character: CHANDU
  • Snack: Chandu Tail
  • Sweet Treat: Alien Men Mochi/Critter Sundae/Melon Float/Don’t Make Me Decide
  • Sit Down Restaurant: Magellan’s
  • Quick Service Restaurant: Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall
  • Parade: Dreamlights
  • Show: Big Band Beat
  • Moment: Walking into DisneySea for the 1st time/Being scared by Captain Hook
  • Merchandise: Passholder Purses/Character t-shirts (both featured below)

Tokyo Disney Q & A

Q: Weirdest thing you saw/ate/experienced? A: We didn’t eat it, but Seafood pizza was very popular. I for one do not enjoy octopus or squid on my pizza. As far as saw/experienced, I mentioned that people sit down for the parades. Well everyone has little plastic mats that they sit on, and they even take their shoes off when they get on the mat. We saw people without mats, and they would sit on their Disney maps instead. If someone can explain this to me, please do so, because we could not figure out the reasoning behind it.

Q: How is it different from other Disney Parks? A: Honestly, the biggest difference is the people. Japanese people are already some of the nicest people you will ever meet and add that with Disney quality, it’s just incredible. The cast members at Tokyo Disney go out of their way to assist you and make you feel special. And the park go-ers are just as nice and welcoming. Everyone sits for the parades and shows, something unheard of in the States. I even had a stranger give me a little heating pad to put in my pocket since she noticed I was cold. That  ‘Disney Magic’ is very much alive at Tokyo Disney.

Hope you enjoyed reading our highlights and my little Q&A! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask below!




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