Tokyo Skytree and Sensoji


Am I the only one that finds it ironic that we visited the Tokyo Skytree on 4/20? Probably.

Both of these are in/near the area of Asakusa, which was our favorite part of Tokyo. The streets were always bustling with tourists and locals, and there were so many things to see, explore, and eat. If you are going to Tokyo, definitely do not skip Asakusa. It’s worth it for the melon bread alone.

When it comes to Sensoji and the Skytree, I think the pictures speak for themselves. Sensoji is completely free to visit and we were lucky enough that our hotel was just a one minute walk away! It’s a great way to see the historical side of Tokyo. We paid 100 yen (around $1) to get our fortune which turned out to be a good one! The back of the fortune is in English so if you go make sure to get your own! It was a fun little activity and a great souvenir to take home.

The Skytree is a much more modern touristy thing to do, having just opened in 2012. It the second tallest structure in the world. We were standing at 1,150 on the second tallest viewing deck. We got there extra early (45 minutes before it opened) and did not have to wait in any lines and pretty much had the place to ourselves when we got to the top, so if you want to avoid lines this is the way to go. The Skytree is also a massive mall with many shops, restaurants, and a food court on the bottom floor. Some of the more popular/unique stores include a Pokemon Store and a Studio Ghibli store.

Sensoji and Skytree are about a 10 minute train ride apart, although the first time we visited we decided to walk there which took about 20 minutes from our hotel and was a great way to sight see. However, if you are short on time Tokyo and only have time to visit one, I highly recommend visiting Sensoji.

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