Following Fashion Trends

1. a distinctive manner of expression
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        As much as I love fashion, I am a big believer in style. Following fashion trends is easy, but having one’s own sense of style takes work. I also think everyone’s style tends to change over time. I know mine definitely has! As a teenager I used to never tuck in shirts or wear shoes with pointy toes. Now I swear by both. I also dress more for myself and tend to follow less trends. If I had to define my style in three words it would be: 1) Vintage 2) Classic 3) Cute  in that order.
        However, sometimes I do still like follow some fashion trends. When I follow them, I tend to gear them towards my personal style. I also spend less money on ‘trendy’ things because I am not making a huge commitment if I don’t like how they look.
       This skinny scarf is a perfect example of this. I know that in a year or two this trend might not still be around, so I made an effort to find something that would work for my style now and beyond. I also found this scarf for only $7 on Amazon. There were many patterns I could have picked, but I chose to go with polka dot because it is a pattern I wear often and I knew the scarf would go with many different items in my closet.
 What are some of your favorite current fashion trends, and how do you incorporate them into your personal style?

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