3 Days in NYC – Where We Ate

New York City is foodie central. You know it, I know it, we all know it. So of course while we were planning our trip to NYC (for my husbands first time ever!) one of the first things we did was start planning our days around when/where we were going to eat. Honestly, we should start planning all our trips this way, since there was never the question of ‘What do you want to eat?’.

Day 1

Breakfast: Friedmans

Where to Find it: Multiple Locations

What We Ordered: Pastrami Hash and Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

My husband thought the pastrami hash was a little too strong on pastrami, but we both agreed the pancakes were fabulous.

Snack: Levain Bakery

Where to Find It: Multiple Locations

What We Ordered: Chocolate Chip Walnut and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

While the chocolate chip walnut cookies are more popular, we both preferred the oatmeal raisin cookie!

Lunch/Dinner: Angelo’s Pizza NYC

Where To Find It: 117 W 57th St, New York, NY 10001

What We Ordered: Old School Round Pie

There were many things on the menu that looked delicious, but we were instructed to go with plain old cheese pizza and were not disappointed.

Day 2

Lunch: Souvlaki GR

Where To Find it: Multiple Locations

What We Ordered: Three Spreads with Pita and Greek Sliders

We slept in after a long first day and after we were finally out and about, it was lunchtime. This place was amazing. If we had bigger stomachs, we would’ve eaten everything possible. 10/10 would recommend.

Snack: Milk Bar

Where to Find it: Multiple Locations

What We Ordered: Cereal Milk Soft Serve

We stumbled upon the Milk Bar Truck at Rockefeller Center and since I had seen on Instagram, we decided to try it. I was fully expecting to not like it (since I don’t like milk), but we actually loved it! We got one to share since it was pretty cold out, but we probably could’ve each gotten our own since it was so yummy.

Dinner: Katz’s Delicatessen

Where To Find It: 205 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

What We Ordered: Katz’s Pastrami Sandwich

Katz’s was one of those restaurants that my husband had heard about for years and had always wanted to go to. If you’ve never been, it’s worth going for the experience at least once.

Day 3

Brunch: Jacob’s Pickles

Where To Find It: 509 Amsterdam Ave New York, NY 10024

What We Ordered: Biscuits and Gravy (Sausage Gravy) and Croque Madame

We knew the place must be good when upon arrival it was packed with a waiting period. Luckily we ended up waiting less than 10 minutes, and in the process got to explore the gorgeous neighborhood this restaurant is located in.

Snack: Bubble & Sip

Where To Find It: Multiple Locations

What We Ordered: Raspberry Lychee Tart, Lychee Pig Pastry (I couldn’t find it on the menu), and Totoro Macaron

I solely wanted to come here because of the Totoro Macaron, but there were so many cute things we decided to try a small variety. Not only were they adorable, but they were also delicious and entirely eaten within 5 minutes.

Our Personal Favorite: Souvlaki GR

This place was top notch for food, ambiance, and service.

We will 100% go back!

Unfortunately Bibble & Sip was our last stop since we had to head to the airport, but we can’t wait to head back to NYC one day and try even more delicious eats! Where is your favorite place to eat in New York?

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