The Ballet Flat Debate: Allbirds vs. Rothy’s

Ah, the never ending debate of the best ballet flats. As someone that definitely prefers comfort when it comes to footwear (I can think of just 1-2 times where I have worn heels to work), finding a comfortable and quality pair of ballet flats has been one of my long awaited dreams.

I now own two pairs of ballet flats that claim to be comfortable and good quality. I am a huge fan of Allbirds and currently own three pairs, two of which are Wool Runners and the third pair being the ballet flats, called Breezers. I own one pair of Rothy’s. For this post I will only be comparing the flats, not the other types of shoes that the brands carry. I purchased my Allbirds in April 2019 and my Rothy’s in February 2020.

The Look

It goes without saying that blush pink Mary Janes will always be cuter than basic navy flats, so I thought it would be best to compare the overall look of the brands ballet flats. Allbirds only carries one type of flat, whereas Rothy’s carries rounded and pointy flats, as well as Mary Janes. Style wise, I personally prefer flats with a pointy toe. However if you prefer rounded toe flats, then I would recommend picking Allbirds based on cost alone, which leads me to…..

The Price

Overall, both shoes are pretty pricey. Allbirds lists all of their shoes at $95, while Rothy’s pricing ranges from $125 – $165. Yeah, not cheap. For the most part, neither company offers sales or discounts with the exception of Rothy’s offering $20 off your first pair. Both companies justify their pricing on the quality and make of their shoes.

The Product

Both shoes are built to last, being made of materials that are machine washable. I have not had my Rothy’s long enough to test their washing capabilities, but have washed my Allbirds multiple times and they are still good as new. Both brands also claim to be good for the environment. According to their websites, Allbirds flats are made from eucalyptus tree fiber, castor bean oil, and Brazilian sugarcane; whereas Rothy’s are made from plastic water bottles and bio-based algae strobel boards.

Comfort Level

I have not had my Rothy’s long enough to give an accurate response since I feel like they need to be broken in a bit more, but as of now I think my Allbirds are more comfortable. I have worn them at Disney, on vacation, etc. and have had never any problems with them. With that said, I do think that the Rothy’s are very comfortable and a close second. UPDATE: After wearing Rothy’s for a few months, I think that Allbirds are much more comfortable.

Final Verdict

I think both shoes have their pros and cons. The companies themselves are both charitable, and the shoes are quality made and environmentally friendly. Which really narrows down the comparison to comfort, price, and personal style preference. If buying shoes for work and/or everyday, I don’t think you can go wrong with either brand. It’s true that Allbirds are a bit less pricey, but if you’re looking for something more stylish yet still somewhat comfortable, then maybe you’ll prefer the Rothy’s. Personally, going forward I will buy Allbirds.

You can shop my exact pair of Allbirds here and my exact pair of Rothy’s here. Use this code for $20 off your first pair of Rothy’s.

What is your favorite brand of ballet flats?

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