Bok Tower Gardens

My husband and I visited Bok Tower Gardens in July 2020. It’s about an hour away from Walt Disney World and (in my opinion) a beautiful and underrated destination. The highlight of Bok Tower Gardens is the Singing Tower, built in 1929. It sits on the highest point in the state of Florida.

General Information: Admission to Bok Tower Gardens is $15 for adults and includes single-day admission to select garden areas and the 3.5-mile pine trail preserve hiking trail. There is a small museum, gift shop, and cafe on site. We ate lunch at the cafe and were pleased with the selections.

Covid-19 Pandemic Information: Currently, the estate portion of Bok Tower Gardens is closed whereas the gardens are open. Masks are required for all indoor areas, and optional for the grounds. There is a capacity limit, so I recommend arriving earlier in the day if you’re worried that you won’t be able to enter. However the gardens/grounds were virtually empty, which could be due to the fact that we went on a weekday.

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