Mediterranean Cruise Port – Split, Croatia

Split was the final stop on our Mediterranean cruise in June 2022 which also visited DubrovnikMykonos, and Santorini. At this cruise port we took a shore excursion to Krka National Park.


Our time in Split was split 😉 into 2 parts. We elected to take a shore excursion to Krka National Park. I was a little wary of shore excursions but given the price ($70, which included admission to the park) we felt it was well worth it verses trying to find transportation on our own when we arrived at the port. The tour was given by a local tour company and the guide spoke all about Croatia and the local region to and from Krka, which was about 1 and 1/2 hours each way. While in Krka we only had time to do one trail, the Srkadinski Buk Waterfall. We asked our tour guide if we could walk it our own and she said yes which was great for us! We were able to go at our leisure. Ironically the ‘hiking’ trail was less intense than wandering the island of Santorini, more of an easy walk. You used to be able to swim in the water, but they stopped allowing it a few years ago. It was still gorgeous, and we would love to go back and explore more of the National Park.

After returning from the excursion, we still had a few hours to explore the city of Split. This was the only port where the ship was docked right on the city, so it was only a 5 minute walk from the port to Old Town. We did not end up going to any museums/attractions such as Diocletian’s Palace, but wandered the streets and enjoyed some delicious food.


Speaking of food, both of the places we ate at were delicious!


  • Corto Maltese – This funky establishment had lots of interesting displays around the restaurant. We ended up only ordered appetizers but they filled us up!


  • Gelateria Emiliana – This gelato shop had more unique flavors. I got one with honey and it was lovely.

Tips and Tricks

  • The Skradinski Buk trail has two bathrooms in different areas. One is free and one is not, I made the mistake of going to the non-free one with only euros as we didn’t end up getting any Croatian kuna. Luckily the lady was nice enough to take my money and let me in. Ironically enough as of January 1st, 2023 Croatia now uses the euro.
  • Keep an eye on restaurant hours! We originally wanted to try a different restaurant but it had closed in the middle of the day, only being open for breakfast and dinner.

That’s a wrap on our Mediterranean cruise and our Europe 2022 trip as a whole! It was the trip of a lifetime.

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