2023 Recap

2023 was an interesting year! I’ve never written or talked about all the weird medical things that happened, so I wanted to recap both the good and in the bad in a bit of a longer post.


In January I was still deep in survival mode as a new mom. At the end of the month we discovered at my baby’s (D) appointment that he hadn’t gained any weight in 6 weeks and that we needed to start adding formula. I was heartbroken, but as soon as we added formula he started gaining weight like a champ!


February was a fun month with family and friends! My husband gave D a beautiful blessing and he had his very first trip to Magic Kingdom!


We spent March exploring a lot of the local places in and around Gainesville, and also took a little detour to Grand Floridian to see the Easter eggs. March was also when the medical problems started. I got mastitis for the second time, except this time it didn’t go away. After 4 rounds of antibiotics which did nothing and a failed needle aspiration, I finally got to see a breast surgeon.


After even more needle aspirations and a week-long catheter, my breast surgeon determined that I needed what we had been trying to prevent, surgery. It was a very quick turnaround, I went to an appointment that morning, found out I was having surgery, and went in for surgery at noon. Originally I was supposed to go home that day, but after I woke up I found out that I would be staying overnight, which was unexpected and my first night away from D. The next few weeks were spent recovering and we are so lucky to have had family stay with us to take care of the baby. The wound was left open and had to be packed 1-2 times a day until it closed (which took 6ish weeks). Packing was the worst pain I have ever felt, even with the pain medication. We thought the surgery took care of the mastitis, but that was just the beginning.


The surgery gave me an official diagnosis, Granulomatous mastitis. It is a rare form of mastitis that is typically treated with steroids. My breast surgeon originally tried steroid injections and when that didn’t seem to help, I started steroid pills. D turned 6 months, and we had (and still have) a lot of fun watching him try all the new foods. I also turned 28, and we re-purchased Disney passes! We ended the month with a weekend trip to Tampa to see Ed Sheeran, and day trip to St. Augustine.


June was a fun month, my husband had a more laidback schedule/rotation and we took advantage! We explored our local springs and took lots of Disney trips. I also got to see my chummy for the first time in 4 years.


We spent many days in July hanging out at the pool, and I made the Barbie movie my entire personality. I still listen to the movie soundtrack all the time.


My husband turned 31, and D turned 9 3/4 months and declared himself a Gryffindor! He also experienced his very first hurricane.


More Disney/Orlando days, and I started my Romantasy journey 😂 by reading A Court of Thorns and Roses and Fourth Wing. I downloaded the Libby app in April and had read many books by this point, but these were first ones that completely sucked me in. They definitely have some cringeworthy moments (which is why the memes are so great hahaha) but overall are pure fun, which is why I love them.


This month was so much fun! A girls day out at Amber Brooke Farms, seeing The Eras Tour movie with my cousin (I wasn’t able to go to the actual tour for many reasons, one of which was that the weekend Taylor Swift was in Tampa was the same weekend I had surgery), and ending the month with a Disney cruise with my family and our little guy celebrating his last ‘first’ holiday, Halloween.


This month we celebrated the big ONE! His party was Winnie the Pooh themed (although probably should’ve been Bluey themed…next year). We also hosted all of my husband’s family for Thanksgiving for the first time!

My breast surgeon also recommended I see a rheumatologist as I have been on steroids since May. Even though my two MRI’s proved that the medication is effective, it should be working quicker, and it is not good to be on steroid medication for so long. The rheumatologist recommended a new medication, and I am currently taking both while starting to taper the steroids. Hopefully sometime next year the mastitis will be gone for good.


Ended the year on a high note! Had a weeklong staycation at Fort Wilderness Campground with my husband’s family, celebrated our 8th anniversary, and did all the Christmasy things.

Looking forward to seeing what 2024 has in store!

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