Cruising with a Baby – The Disney Wish

In October 2023 we cruised on the Disney Wish with my family and our 11 month old baby. I had previously cruised in 2021 on the Disney Dream which you can read about here. Both cruises were 4-day Halloween cruises that stopped at Nassau and Castaway Cay, so if you want to read about the ports of call, I recommend reading the other post. For this post, I specifically wanted to talk about all the things I couldn’t find while researching going on a Disney Cruise with a baby.

Planning Beforehand

  • Babies have to be at least 6 months to go on a Disney Cruise, and depending on your cruise you may not need a passport for them. We did not need one, just a birth certificate.
  • After booking your cruise, call guest services to request any baby gear you might want, it is included. We requested a pack and play and a diaper genie (which we actually don’t own but was very nice to have on the cruise). We asked about the strollers and wagons that are supposedly also available, but she informed us that we would have to go to guest services on the boat on arrival to ask for those.
  • Gear: Instead we decided to purchase a $20 umbrella stroller since we knew our regular stroller would far too big for the ship and stateroom. We also brought a Tushbaby carrier. If our baby had been walking at the time, I don’t think the Tushbaby would’ve been necessary.
  • Other than diapers and other necessary things, I brought toys for him to play with in the stateroom.

On the Ship

  • Activities: Meeting Characters, Splash Pad, Shows, etc. This was his first time meeting characters and we were surprised at how much he loved it! Babies are not allowed in the pools but they have a splash pad specifically for them.
  • Nursery: The Disney Wish Kids’s Club is amazing (and free!) but only for kids 3 and up. For toddlers and babies, they have the Small World Nursery which we took a look at but didn’t end up using thanks to my family watching Dean for the nights we went to watch the shows. The Small World Nursery is less than $10 an hour. There isn’t another playroom for toddlers but we spent lots of time letting him crawl around the main atrium.
  • Dining: I won’t lie, dinners were a struggle. We picked the earlier dinner (5:45 pm) but they would run 2 hours and he would be so tired by the end. The only one that seemed to keep his attention was the Frozen dinner show.

Castaway Cay

He loved Castaway Cay! They have a small splash pad and he spent plenty of time both there and at the beach. The only downside to this day was that he would not nap on the beach (which was our plan). Otherwise, it was a fun/relaxing day.

Anything you want to know? We are planning on doing another cruise (non-Disney) later this year, and I think it will be even more fun now that our baby is walking!

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