Bok Tower Gardens

My husband and I visited Bok Tower Gardens in July 2020. It’s about an hour away from Walt Disney World and (in my opinion) a beautiful and underrated destination. The highlight of Bok Tower Gardens… View Post

Loving Lately: Summer 2020

Confession, I have always wanted to write this type of blog post, but for some reason just never got around to it! Due to Covid-19, moving, and other factors I have been delaying other blog… View Post

My Disney Bag Collection

During this time of #SocialDistancing and #Quarantine, I wanted to try and find different ways to be creative and have fun while staying home. Something I love doing is planning outfits, so I thought it… View Post

The Ballet Flat Debate: Allbirds vs. Rothy’s

Ah, the never ending debate of the best ballet flats. As someone that definitely prefers comfort when it comes to footwear (I can think of just 1-2 times where I have worn heels to work),… View Post

High Waisted Jeans: Three Ways

Shopping for jeans does not come easy to me. Most of the time, jeans are either too wide or too short (or in some cases, both at once). High-waisted skinny jeans are my favorite, and… View Post